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Hong Kong commissioned notarized

In order to strengthen the entrusted notary system, to strengthen the management of the entrusted notary public, to improve the quality of commissioned notarization, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the principal, in order to handle the certificate of the certificate, the commission of the notary public association to make the provisions of the "management approach" The development of "China commissioned notary public to apply for notarized documents rules", asked to entrust the notary public to apply for notarized documents in accordance with the "rules of accreditation," the provisions of the rules. All notarized documents must be entrusted by the Chinese notary public in person, personally review the relevant documents, review the identity of the parties, witness the signature of the parties, and personally signed in the notarized documents. In special circumstances, the need for the mainland notary public or other agencies to assist in handling, should obtain the consent of the parties can be carried out ‘; commissioned by the notary public to apply for notarized documents must be legal, authenticity.

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